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Leopard Finance (LPF) leads traditional investors to access the decentralized financial market by using DEFI+NFT to break the traditional way of managing money, and to obtain higher rewards by investment in the growing crypto asset market.

Leopard Finance replicates a code-based financial world in a decentralized way in the blockchain world. Leopard Finance (LPF) enables Leopard supporters in different fields around the world to participate in a series of financial service applications such as lending, trading, derivatives, fund management, payments, insurance, synthetic assets, etc. The functions corresponding to traditional funds in decentralized system are realized through different applications.

Leopard Finance does not need to rely on intermediaries to engage in financial activities and uses emerging Internet and blockchain technology to correct the flaws of the traditional financial system and create a better financial environment.











Leopard Finance (LPF) is a new and upgraded DEFI aggregator, an investment product that automatically provides trading strategies and synthetic asset packages to help users automatically receive contracts for lending and trading projects, selects the highest yielding projects to invest in, and then goes to the DEFI + NFT decentralized platform to get the returns.


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The Leopard Financial platform token is LPF, and we may develop a new strategy to limit the cap or destroy some tokens, but for now we are focused on LPF token growth. Users can acquire LPF through pre-sales or earn LPF using aggregated products, and approximately 5% of LPF tokens will be used for development.

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David Haimes, CEO

Tim Dpaper, CMO

MsJames Jaden, CFO

Eavan Elba, COO

Eric Ly, CSO

Matt Oguz, Special Advisor

Keith Teare, Finance Advisor